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    I don't know about you, but sometimes the most random thoughts seem to come together to make some of the best logical conclusions. This site is dedicated to the random thoughts I have while in the shower, driving, watching TV, on a jog and where ever else "the inspiration may strike." This is where my Totally Random Connections on the world connect.

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    How To Ruin Your Favorite Sitcoms With Simple Math

    The Cos has been up to something for year and it was all right under our noses.

    10 Items Men Need to STOP Wearing Immediately

    Pretty much agree with this guy on everything but the RAW denim.

    How Donald Trump Answers A Question

    Great insight into how 45 answers a question, why it sounds strange, and why some people gravitate to it. (Still doesn't excuse the fact he is POTUS though. #Resist

    Video To Come Soon!

    Till then, enjoy the late Prince.

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    Crock Pot Chili Recipe: Because it's cold out there!

    Once again, we are getting hit with freezing temps so here is a nice and easy Texas Chili recipe to keep you warm. Used it all the time when we lived in the UK and it helped to keep any homesick feelings at bay. Its pretty hearty while staying healthy as long as you use fresh ingredients. Let's face it, it's not the food, but the preservatives so keep it as fresh as you can. Bon Appetite!

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    The Seven Minute Scientific Workout

    Let's face it America, we are fat. I am not going to sugar coat it (or fry it or barbecue it with a ton of sauce) if we don't do something soon as a country, we are going to end up like the folks from Wal-E on the ship. We are literally going to become Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movie if we don't reign this insanity in so I am going to issue one of those 30-Day Challenges.


    This one is going to be the Seven Minute Scientific Workout Challenge. We all have 7 minutes a day to do something right? How about 14, 21 and up to 28 minutes a day? I am pretty sure you can pull yourself away from The Real Housewives of Walhalla or SportsCenter (you know they show it on like a loop) to get involved.


    The proposal is:

    Week 1: days 1 through 7, you just do 1 set. Just seven measly minutes of your day!

    Week 2: days 8 through 14, we are going to up it to two sets! That's just 14 minutes of your day! Week 3: days 15 through 21, we are going to get crazy and do three sets! It's 21 minutes of your day!

    Week 4: days 22 through 28 is insanity, (and you don't have to pay for some guy on a DVD yelling at you) we are going to do 4 sets. That is roughly one episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" or "Big Bang Theory" or the local news or whatever mindless thing you are consuming on TV. (Frankly, cutting out the consumption of that garbage TV may cause you to inadvertently lose a couple of pounds...)


    Here is video link to the workout:

    Seven Minute Scientific Workout: Fitness Blender I like this workout channel because they are not all up in your face and they have some great workout programs that you can continue with once you crush this 30 day challenge.


    There is also a great free app for your mobile device or phone so you can do it anywhere:

    NYT Seven Minute Scientific Workout App Free

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