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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Caitlyn is actually moving the needle...
Look, I was really critical of Caitlyn Jenner couple of months ago.  I got the feeling that her transition was a part of the Kardashian "long con."  However, after her acceptance speech of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, I have to admit she is actually attempting to move the needle on LGBT issues.  And by moving the needle, I mean that she is adding to the avalanche of acceptance that is making itself known in country.  Seriously, if you are still bemoaning LGBT rights after the Supreme Court decision a couple weeks ago can you do me a favor and send me a post card.  A post card from where you ask? From the wrong side of history because you are sitting on it.  You're starting to look like these inbreds...
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Look at these "winners." How did that work out for you dudes? 
Her speech was actually very good.  It was powerful, insightful, self actualizing, humbling and most of all empathetic.  She seemed to finally realize that her transition may have been easier than those who have not been as privileged and that she has a platform that can be used to help. 
I am sure puppet master/media svengali Kris Kardashian, who was absent from the ESPY's, spent most of the speech in her compound in the fetal position, covered in the blood of puppies, wondering how Caitlyn was able to cut the marionette strings.  Kris will be fine even if she allowed Caitlyn to slip through her masturbatory addict like grip though based on what is on her horizon.  Kim is preggo, (PLEASE DON'T NAME THAT KID 'SOUTH,' KANYE!) Kourtney is splitting up with Scott, Khloe may be dating James Harden of the Rockets all while the mini-Kims (Kylie and Kendall) are getting into Twitter fights with Rue from Hunger Games (and getting owned BTW) and walking around braless.  This is all in time for Kris to create her exploitation strategy for the next season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."  So no one cry for Kris.
In any case, I figure I should let the speech stand on its own.  Here it is in its entirety below.  In the spirit of being smart (which can be hard sometimes) I have decided to keep this post short because my wife just had a baby a couple weeks ago (I just watched while calmly whispering "PUSH!" in her ear and avoiding direct eye contact) so I am on baby poop patrol and about 3 hours sleep.  That type of sleep depravation only ups the quantity of excrement and tantrum jokes and doesn't seem to add to the overall discussion... unless I am writing about Donald Trump... BOOM! I just pooped all over Trump... I need a nap.