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My Election Day Indulgence

I have been pretty quiet this cycle, but I had to say something...

I have not been on my soapbox for quite a while so on this election eve, please allow me a small indulgence….

Growing up a Progressive in Texas, I have often been that blue speck in a sea of red politically. I have spent many an hour defending my political views to my very right of center friends and colleagues. I think I have always tried to listen and to be respectful of views other that differ from mine and most of the time I have been afforded the same courtesy.

Through the years I have heard about "Conservative Values and Principles" and while disagreeing with many of these beliefs, I have come to respect many of them and the people espousing them. Also the differing point of view challenges my own belief system which allows me to get a different perspective on things. (It also helps to strengthen my resolve, but that is for discussion some other time.)

November 8, millions of us will go to the polls to vote in what maybe the most consequential election in our lifetimes. And that statement is not hyperbole. With the stakes as such, I would like to reach out to all of my Conservative friends, colleges and family members. What I request is that before you go into the voting booth that you sit down and attempt to find the Conservative values and principles you hold dear in the GOP nominee. Just have a good think about who he is and who you are if you are a sincere Conservative and not an Alt-Right nut masquerading all while devaluing true Conservatism. I guarantee you cannot find many of the values you cherish because the man running is not who you are. You, in fact, are better than he is. Even though I disagree with many of you on process, please know I respect your values and principles. This man and his cronies do not share the same values and principles.

Honestly, since when is calling a woman "Miss Piggy" a conservative value? When did calling a whole group of people "murders" and "rapist" become a value of true Conservatives? In what iteration of conservatism was dishonoring a Gold Star family an acceptable value? Or denigrating the peaceful religion of billions because of the acts of just a handful of misguided, violent zealots? And most of all, when did talking about grabbing a woman's privates become a Conservative principle? For real Conservatives, these things are not in alignment and should not be.

I am a proud Progressive. Always have been and probably always will be and the one thing I know from years of arguing with tried and true Conservatives is that the current GOP nominee does not represent the best of you. You, and the foundation of your party, are better than this.

So tomorrow, when many of you go and cast your ballot, think. "Does this man I am voting for really represent who I am or want to be?" "Am I casting a ballot for someone who represents my thinking or for nativism, misogyny, sexism, Islamophobia and Alt-Right White Nationalism?”

Our system of democracy and our franchise is a powerful thing. It tells the world what type of a people we are and what we strive to be in the future. I know the GOP nominee is not who we are or who we are striving to be. I know this because I know many of you and this is not who you are.

Now I won’t tell anyone how to vote accept to say you should do it, but know that you always have options. If you are not willing to vote for Secretary Hillary Clinton (which I wished you would), Alex P. Keaton (for you Millennial’s out there he was the Nixon loving oldest son on Family Ties played by Micheal J. Fox… Marty McFly from Back to the Future! Dang I’m old!) is always a good write in alternative. Let’s stop talking about making America great “again”and let's work on keeping America great now and making it greater for the future!

And now I step off my soap box and ready my wine (or scotch depending on the results) for Election Night!