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The I'm Done and Oh, Shut Up! Mini-Blog:

Dumb Racists and Kanye West
I'm Done with:
Stupid Racists (probably pt. 1 of many, unfortunately)
Vermont accidentally trolled its nativists racists this week when they introduced a new Latin addition to the state motto. Latin, the basis for English, which I am typing now and which you are reading, is mistaken by these dummies for Spanish.
I'm done with stupid racists. In fact, I think I liked racists better when they at least used science to back up their cray-cray theories. This new wave of stupid racists is just out of hand.
My thought is that the people who commented on this story who think Latin is Spanish should have every bit of their education annulled. Their high schools should be investigated. If they graduated from college, those colleges should have their accreditations reviewed. If they have jobs, their bosses should seriously consider their employment. The sad part is, these are comments where stupidity was not the only driver; racism was the one shifting the gears. I bet most people just saw "new motto for U.S. state," read one comment that said it was in Spanish and a way they went. 
I honestly think, this nearly 40 year old SNL skit is coming (if not come) to fruition.
Let's keep this in perspective, the same demographic that don't know the difference between Latin and Spanish languages are the same demo that want to enact citizenship tests to vote. Queen of Partisan Cray, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, openly discussed enacting a citizenship test to vote (heard of The Voting Rights Act of 1965?) while some of her probable viewers think that the dead language of Latin is Spanish. Not completely surprising as approximately 1/3 of her Louisiana viewers think that President Obama is to blame for the governments Katrina response
Oh, Shut Up:
Kanye West
So I didn't watch the Grammy's last night because I was listening to Rep. John Lewis (the one who marched side by side with MLK) who was in town to promote his award winning graphic novels "March" Vol. 1 and 2.  (Did you get chilly all of a sudden? Don't worry, that was just some shade I threw at you... Just kidding.)
But I did wake up this morning to read about Kanye and his contribution to the show.
Here he is as Beck wins Album of the Year, beating out Beyonce:
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Ah, ha, ha, ha! Kanye made a funny! He is making fun of his Taylor Swift, "Imma Let You Finish," MTV Music Awards debacle back in 2009.  He gets it! HE ACTUALLY GETS IT! He actually does have a sense of humor about himself! Good on you Kanye!
OOPS! Spoke too soon:
GOTDAMINT KANYE! SHUT UP! People were loving you and you ruined it by sounding like a petulant 7 year old! "We ain't gonna play with them no more!" That was crap I used to say on the playground after being bullied! (And believe me when you look like me you constantly told your parents who you weren't going to play with anymore. It ain't easy looking like you live on Sesame Street, believe me.)
Kanye later said that E!, home of "Keeping Up With The Kardashaians," shouldn't have a logo flag on their microphones because of "art."
WHAT?!? Dude, Kim works there...
Kanye, seriously, let's talk. First off, I like you. I may think you are a bit arrogant and out of touch, but I enjoy your music from time to time and while I know I may not have all the answers and you have been doing this longer than me, please realize it's just a crappy awards show. The Doors, The Who, Snoop, Bob Marley, Biggie, Tupac, Jimi Hendrix, Run D.M.C., The Ramones, Rush, Public Enemy, Diana Freakin' Ross and a whole list of huge talents have never won a Grammy. No one needs the Grammys to validate their careers, except you for some reason. Bruh, get over it. It's a nice night to dress up. You have the opportunity to perform with Rihanna and some newbie named Paul McCarthur or McCarntney, whoever, on a world wide stage. You might even get an award. You can even show off your wife...
By the way, we all know who your wife is, but do you? Seriously, you are talking "artist" this and "artist" that, but don't you kinda think Kim and the Kardashian Crew are the antithesis of artists? They are really the cornerstone of commercialism. Quite frankly the closest thing Kim gets to being an artist is being around you! They are a BIG manufactured cog in the corporate entertainment media machine.  A machine, part of which you crapped on a bit last night and I am betting the wifey is none to pleased about.
Kanye, your wife is an earner, an attractive earner with "that bass, no treble."  You know what that means Kanye? She is an 11! That's a 10 with a job! (That line is courtesy of Jerry O'Connell during a Howard Stern interview.) I may not always agree with her media tactics, but she knows how to bring home the bacon. As a stay at home dad and husband of "an earner" let me tell you, crapping on the company that pays the bills is not a good idea. Let's just say that tomorrow, after all this "comedy," as Don Corleone would call it, the show business cabal or the illuminati, decide your career is over. Literally, it's you and a Jamie Foxx impersonator doing "Gold Digger" at Foxwoods Casino. She can still make the E! paper so stop sabotaging her, man!
Kanye, you are 36 years old now. You are a multi-millionaire with a successful career, notoriety and a family so.... smile (You son of a bitch, SMILE!) and SHUT UP!